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ioloopco UK shutting down.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of ioloopco ltd.

ioloopco, a company founded by Shyal Beardsley, started trading in 2016, and it was an exciting 4 years, filled with truely interesting people and projects.


During its time, i had the pleasure of working with companies in the startup arena, in the tech consultancy sector, in Visual Effects, and in the Medical Implants sector.

This broad variety has allowed me to meet entrepreneurial, creative and very talented individuals from all walks of life; and for that i am thankful.

Reasons for shutting down


Brexit was first announced while i was contracting from Spain, via a London-based limited company (ioloopco), for a French client.

The results of the referendum came as an absolute shock. ioloopco was registered in the UK, but with the firm intent of dealing with clients thoughout europe.

COVID19 handling

The response from the UK goverment to the COVID19 outbreak was driven by politics, and not by science. As such i am no longer convinced Britain is an optimal location from which to operate.

Oliver Shyal Beardsley


Director @ ioloopco

ioloopco limited. is a private limited UK company; Company number 09982305 under The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.