Facebook Up Next

Dear Facebook, this is to notify you of a bug.

Repro Steps

  • Create a group
  • Set group type to ‘Social Learning’
  • In the group’s left side bar, click on ‘Units’
  • Create a Unit
  • Create several posts with Videos (‘add media’)
  • Click on the first post in the Unit
  • Video gets to the end
  • bug

What did you expect to happen

I expected the next video to be the next video on the Unit.

What happened instead

The next video was random.

More info

This “Up Next” feature, and specifically the fact it auto plays a video that has nothing to do with the unit, or the group, is very distracting, and ruins the Social Learning UX. At the very least, the video in the “Up Next” list should be the next video in the Unit. When the video finishes, the player should automatically load the next video in the Unit. Ideally all the videos in “Up Next” should be from that Unit.

../../_images/fb_units.png ../../_images/whats_next.png