Digital Vision

Between 2007 and 2010, ioloop provided C++ development services on Film-Master, a suite of realtime colour-grading software for film, advertising, and restauration.


ioloop delivered complete features such as:

  • the Keyframe Editor
  • the displaying of audio channels in the segment editor
  • advanced manipulation of segments

as well as resolving hundreds of bugs and maintenance tasks such as:

  • moving the application to x86_64
  • resolving OpenGL issues with banding
  • resolving issues with cryptographic licensing

ioloop also delivered the ~100 pages long specification document for Digital Vision’s latest colour-grading panel, Precision. The document contains the entirety of Precision’s hardware and software interaction specification, including designs for all the touch screens.


Precision specification page, detailing default screen layout


Precision specification page, detailing key actions and combos


Precision specification page, detailing magnifier functionality



The precision specification document is password protected, as the content is copyrighted to Digital Vision.

Precision is still, to this day, at the leading edge of the hardware colour-grading panels market.