Between 2014.9 and 2015.9 ioloop provided C++ and Python development services for Sky’s latest Set Top Box: SkyQ.

Electronic Program Guide

ioloop’s work consisted of developing features and functionality for the Electronic Program Guide, that is, the main UI that displays all programs, recordings, and enables to control the box.

In particular, ioloop took charge of:

  • Pay Per View recordings, including a lot of the front end, back end, and business logic.
  • The apps tray, including front end and business logic.

The work was carried out using the Qt framework and OpenGL.


Service Virtualisation

Slowdowns were taking place in the day to day workflow, due to the dependency the EPG team had on the web services. This is why ioloop developed and introduced service virtualisation into SkyQ’s day to day workflow. To find out more you can read ioloop’s blog post: Building a Service Virtualisation Server. This work later lead to ioloop’s involvement with SpectoLabs.